Kawahira doesn’t actually really care whetehr his noodles are soggy or not- he only complains because he likes seeing I-Pin get flustered.

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In the future, whenever Mukuro visits headquarters Reborn makes sure the chef serves pineapple desert for dinner.

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The real reason behind Spanner’s unique lollipop design is so that he can wedge them on his nose in a difficult situation in order to increase his brain power.

Iemitsu cares for his family and wants to visit them regularly, but he knows that he would put them in danger if CEDEF’s enemies realised their connection to him so he has to keep his distance.

Quitting his job wouldn’t make them safer as he would still be targted by enemies, and the pay helps easily support Tsuna and Nana. He also loves what he does and is loyal to Nono, so he would never quit.

TYL Tsuna is far more mature and confident, but he still is clumsy and hopeless every so often.

TYL Gokudera had left his G writings with instructions to kill Shoichi in his breifcase with the desperate hope that one day, his younger self might be accidentally caught in the ten year bazooka and would read them.

He still had no idea about Tsuna’s plan and truly believed he was dead.

Yuni is a mature child but she still enjoys doing things for children her own age.

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Operating on the assumption that Viper/Mammon is in fact female: Belphegor learned her secret, blackmailed her with it, and fell in love with her. That’s why he teases her so much and teams up with her almost exclusively, when there are no other notable Mist/Storm groupings in the series.

She doesn’t know.

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Before Ricardo became Vongola Secondo, he actually had a pure Sky Flame but it was weak. 

Due to the hidden manipulations of Daemon Spade, Ricardo grew to hate not only for himself but those around him, especially towards his cousin, Giotto. Thus this hate morphed with the Sky Flames and the ‘Flame of Wrath’ was created.

 Ricardo did feel regret in the end of his life for what he did.

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Despite how much he has healed and moved on, Yamamoto has never forgotten the day when he was just a scared, lonely boy standing at the edge, ready to jump and end everything.

Even ten years in the future, he remembers the day with astounding clarity every time he has to make a kill in the name of the Vongola.

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